What’s It All About… and where I go from here!!!

So, things have recently changed for me!!! If you’ve already read this page, you can skip directly to the lastest blog/travel/rant post HERE.

Joe and the girls

That's me in the middle

I am rapidly approaching the age of 60 (in July 2017) and too lazy to be sure this gets updated every time I have a birthday so deal with it. I do this website just for fun… I do have others and they will get mentioned here eventually, as I get them up and running.

I am STILL in the process of moving into a van (vandweller) and will be traveling all over the US (I hope). I have been divorced since 1997 (was married 11 1/2 years) and at this point, I’ve been single well over 75% of my life and I kinda like it. Doesn’t look like I’ll be married again.

I  have the 2 greatest daughters in the world. Both have become responsible, mature adults which is more than they can say for their Dad (and I like it that way). My eldest has given me a grandson (born Feb 6, 2016) and there is no way I could describe adequately the joy and love that a grandparent feels.

But I must put forth a couple things here. Without going into deatails here (if you insist, you can read more about it HERE)

Anything else you want/need to know… just ask!!! I’m pretty open


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