WOW… is it finally time to begin (again)?

Well, believe it or not, I’m “on the road” again. Got a wedding to attend in Louisville, KY on August 2nd so I’ve started on a journey that will take me through the northern plains (with a stop in South Dakota) across and down to Kentucky. Yes, there will be pics and such, but on my first day of travel, I didn’t do much. Somehow, I just needed to get started and try to get a bunch of miles behind me.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t at least get a couple shots off!!! Below are some photos from a sort of touristy, fake (made to look old, but isn’t) attraction in Kettleman City, CA. I had the great pleasure of having a co-pilot for this first day’s journey, a friend and former co-worker whose name shall remain anonymous for her own protection!!! LOL


The greatest thing about this “old time” western town was a favorite ice cream shop, “Doc Bernstein’s“. It’s designed to look like an old fashioned ice cream shop.


Looks good to me!!!

Apparently my reputation? past? beat me here as I found this posted in the men’s room. I didn’t realize just how famous I am.


I would love comments and posts and such. I am trying to decide if I can do this full time (and retire)… seems like an oxymoron… but at any rate… please tell me if you like this sort of thing, what I can do better, etc. And if you want to support this thing, please use the link on the left to buy ANYTHING Amazon. I wouldn’t ask you to spend any more, just that if you’re going to buy Amazon anyway, I’d appreciate if you’d use the link on the page. I do get a small (very small) commission and other than this link have nothing to do with the transaction.

Thanks for your time…


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Just another random guy trying to stretch his mid-life crisis into something more long term.
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2 Responses to WOW… is it finally time to begin (again)?

  1. Kathy Herron says:

    Hi Joe,
    I think what you’re doing is great! Keep it up! Love looking at your pictures and reading about all your adventures! I’ll definitely use your link when I buy from Amazon.

  2. Andrea says:

    Im so jealous! I hope you have fun and please keep us posted on your adventures. It’s nice to be reminded there is more out there than just…..well you know. Be safe joe.

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