Road Trip Thoughts & Pics

So, here it is Sunday morning and I’ve been on the road since Wednesday. I did an earlier post, but since then my internet accessibility (wow.. that sounded impressive… it’s not) has been very limited. One of the highlights of this trip was my first trip to Mt. Rushmore. It was pretty amazing, but this fat old dude found out there’s a lot of walking and stairs and such!!! LOL I think I might have to plan a return when I’m in better shape!!!


I spent a ton of time driving, which is something I don’t mind at all and I love being on the road. I try to do a lot of travel off the interstate/freeway. It was called an interstate when/where I grew up, but when I moved to California in 1978, the name was changed to freeway. Is there a difference? All I know is there are way too many people driving on them!!! Over the last few days, I saw a whole lot of this and that suits me just fine!!!


Obviously, there are a few things to see along the way. Who knew that the Transportation Department promoted safe sex and contraception?


Signs are one of the few things that you can pass time with while driving and still keep your eyes on the road. It’s dangerous to be looking at the scenery or whatever may be on the sides of the road when you’re clipping along at 80. Yes, 80 mph speed limits are back and even more amazing is that the van could go that fast. Of course, when it happened I was going downhill with a pretty strong wind at my back. But, there’s also signs on vehicles that caught my eye… I thought this one was a pretty clever variation of telling drivers it’s not safe to pass on the right side of an 18-wheeler.


In case you can’t see it… it says <-El Paso ... El Smasho->

I’ve got a lot of other things to tell and post, but I need to get a cup of coffee in me and do some other things. Please post comments below on this page (and on Facebook too if you want). I love hearing from you guys and that’s “no bull”



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9 Responses to Road Trip Thoughts & Pics

  1. Janet Ogle says:

    I envy you getting to see so much stuff, so much nature, so many idiots on the road. lol Be safe, keep the pics coming and I will travel the states thru your eyes.

  2. wendi says:

    joe I am enjoying your travels .. 🙂 there are days that I just don’t get a min to reply to them. I live thru others as they travel 🙂
    please stay safe my friend


  3. Lisa says:

    When my Katie gets a bit older I plan to take her on a road trip. Many of my favorite memories from childhood are from things that can be seen from the backseat of a station wagon (insert various car make & model). Now don’t be getting a dirty mind there, Joe. It’s fascinating to travel, to see the different sites, and meet interesting people along the way. Have fun!

  4. Anna says:

    I never knew Mt. Rushmore was such a workout. Thanks for the heads up. Lol. Glad you are having fun!

  5. Anna says:

    Ps. I hope my awesome pun didn’t go unnoticed.

  6. Dicey says:

    Mt. Rushmore is definitely on my bucket list! Hoping to take the girls one summer to see it. Always enjoy your thoughts and musings. Wishing you fair skies, calm winds and very safe travels!!

  7. admin says:

    And yes, Anna, I got your pun… LOL

  8. Sue White says:

    Love it! And can’t wait to see you; travel safe!! AND ENJOY!!

  9. Danielle says:

    Glad your enjoying your trip. Miss u already. Happy we get to enjoy the trip with u. 🙂 I love odd n funny signs, one thing I loved when on a road trip.

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