Isn’t It Ironic?

I find it more than a little ironic that in order to promote distancing ourselves from our computers, cell phones, tablets and the associated social media, we utilize the very tools we are criticizing. Damn, that first sentence is way too much for me. But, it’s true. I saw the video below and thought it was very, very informative and thought provoking. I love social media for how it enables me to be connected to people that I might not even have contact with. It does not come without a price, however. I find myself checking my phone far too often, not even turning it off at night. I’m seemingly always online whether it be laptop or cell phone. Most of my interactions are online chats, texts or emails, instead of real conversations. So with this post, I’m issuing a challenge… tomorrow, please have a conversation, a real conversation with someone that you would have just texted, emailed, or chatted. Face to face would be the best, of course, but a telephone conversation is even more than a text!!!

Give it a try… TALK to a friend… I dare ya!!!


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