Things I Know About Women!!!

If one was to be 100% honest, this should be a blank page! Like all men, I am not the wisest in the area of women. I mean, I got divorced after 11 1/2 years of marriage and have remained single for the 17 plus years since then. Apparently, the one that had me was the only one for me… if you believe in that whole “there’s only one for me” nonsense. If you can’t believe in that, then you must believe that I’m an abject failure with women. As a side note, the “one that had me” obviously did NOT believe in the whole “there’s only one for me” thing as she has now remarried and living “happily ever after.” (sure, sure… I wish her the best, really… I do)

So, if you read anything about “how to” do a blog, short pieces (or articles, or posts, or rants, or whatever you want to call these) are the best. “Things I Know About Women” will naturally be short and swe… maybe bittersweet and not sweet.

Based on extensive life experience and internet research, I have concluded that if you live by two main rules… and only these two… you have a pretty good chance of making it through life without being devoured by the “weaker sex” (yeah, right).

The two rules are below:

  1. In all things that require a decision of any kind, the woman is ALWAYS right!!!
  2. In the unlikely event that the woman is WRONG, please refer to rule #1

This applies to EVERY possible choice in which a decision has to be made, a direction must be taken or any type of multiple choice situation. In fact, you may not even know there was a choice. If a woman makes a statement, then it MUST be true.

Speaking of statements, ANY statement made by the male of species is wrong. It’s just a fact! If a man says it, it is not valid. Someone asked me the other day…. “if a guy goes hunting, alone, in the woods. He is not within earshot of anyone. No one can hear. If all of these facts are true and the man makes a statement out loud, even if just in talking to himself and there is no female of the species around to correct him, is he still wrong?”

Well, the answer is YES, absolutely!!! How do I know? My female boss just told me so (see rules 1 & 2)

Thanks for listening (reading) Comments are always welcome!!!


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