OK, so maybe I shouldn’t be so dramatic, but here’s the truth of the matter; without you I don’t exist!!!

Yes, this is the “begging page” as I was going to call it. If I’ve lost you already, that’s a shame, I hoped that you would at least stick around for the pitch.


I “retired” 10/27/2012. “Retired” is entirely incorrect as a term. It implies that I was diligent, frugal and saved throughout my life so that I could “retire” at age 55. NOT TRUE… there is no money. And, that condition is nobody’s fault but my own. Mea Culpa But this whole blog/traveling/vandwelling lifestyle has been a long time dream of mine, perhaps beginning to form as early as the mid-70’s to early 80’s when I read books like Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Blue Highways.

And so now we’re here. Some would call me a “bum.” I prefer the term “vagabond.”

The pitch is pretty straightforward. I hope to make enough money to live, eat and basically survive from my websites. You may (or may not) have noticed that there are various ads on both the right and left side of all my pages. At this point, most of these ads are called affiliate ads. You click on a button, it takes you to another commercial website. IF you buy something, I get a small commission. EMPHASIS on small.

I really am not asking anyone to buy anything that they wouldn’t purchased have without my involvement. It’s just that IF you use (for example) to make purchases, please make it through my sites.

The other manner of support which is even more straight forward is the PayPal Donate button which is just what it says… I am not a non-profit or anything like that so it’s not tax deductible or anything, but if you want to just contribute directly, there you go.

If this sort of thing offends you… then don’t participate. I don’t charge a membership to be on any of my sites, so please enjoy.

If you want more info on any specific ad or anything else feel free to email me!!! Thanks in advance for your support.


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