What It’s All About? (the sites)

OK… so here’s a not so quick explanation of how I think these things will work among my various websites.It turns out I am going to have a few. Somehow a hobby becomes an obsession. Maybe I compartmentalize a little too much? The sites will¬† be similar in some ways, but very very different in many others.

JoeShields.com will be sort of a “central” hub for all of my various sites and interests. I hope to mainly cover positive things here… sites, videos, jokes, stories that make you laugh, smile, say “aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.”

I have other sites for other purposes. SarcasmWorks.com (under construction), for example, will pretty much function as the alter ego to this site. I will be posting sarcastic remarks, stupid people tricks, Darwin Award nominees and generally things that make you cringe a little.

TheKidsThinkIAmNuts.com is probably going to be my favorite site. It will be a sort of travelogue of my experiences on the road. Initially, just an occasional long trip with lots of little local side trips along the way. If you take a look, there are already several entries from my March 2010 trip back to Evansville, Indiana and quite a few others. These are just short, fun posts about such things as an Eiffel tower replica with a cowboy hat on top, a two story outhouse  and a goat tower, just to name a few. My position at work has changed and the new position should afford me the chance to visit some odd and unusual places along the way.

GottaLottaStories.com (under construction) is my newest, latest idea and I think I will limit that one to just what it says… stories. Some true, some not and probably a lot somewhere in between. I’m not even sure all the stories will be mine, but what I hope they will be is interesting, often funny and entertaining always.

Chatdiaries.com is my original website idea, my firstborn so to speak. Envisioned originally as a place where BOTH sides of online relationships could post their versions of the same online relationship. Turns out, people are really that willing to share their stories. Currently the site still has the original stories, including Christy which seems to be the most popular. I am also beginning to use the site to support an undernet.org channel by the same name (#chatdiaries)

Speaking of firstborns…. LianneMarie.com is the blog of my oldest daughter. I really have nothing to do with this one, but what kind of father would I be if I didn’t promote her blog??? I love you Lianne.

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  1. Catherine says:

    fun web site Joe—-I liked the orange vest clip..it made my day a bit brighter. thanks for telling me to check out your website. You gave me the link from POF

  2. Kelly Haines says:

    Hi Joe, ya’ son of a gun!
    Kelly (a guy) Haines here. I met you at the San Simeon Motel 6 in the fall (we watched the SF Giants win hat very exciting playoff game with the walk off home run in the bottom of the 9th inning, we were in the bar as I recall). I was the 56 year old grey-haired dude driving the black BMW convertible up and down Hwy 1…….. and had plans to go to Micronesia. I’m not sure if you remember me, but I remember you!
    I still have the business card you gave me, so I pulled it out today and was going to email you to see if Motel 6 was hiring (as I recall you said they are always hiring….). Yeah, the Micronesia thing didn’t work out, for several reasons. So I did my General MacArthur impression and returned………..
    But first, before I emailed to the Motel 6 email address I thought I’d do a google search to see if you were still with Motel 6, and maybe still in San Simeon…….then……every one of my chins dropped…….I found your neat blog. Amazing!
    You have a great idea Joe, just great. People like a “regular guy” and what you say on the blog. I noticed some of the posts are a bit older and I’m wondering where you doing the blog.
    I think your blog has tremendous potential and would like to talk to you about it. Maybe see where you are and see where it’s going.
    I too despise the corporate world and working the loooong hours for someone else (I worked for the evil empire known as “the phone company”, I also owned my own company and that was much better). And I find myself looking for my next adventure/challenge…if that’s the right term……..

    Just in case the mailto function is on strike, my email is:

    goldenruletelecom@yahoo.com …… my phone number is 971-285-5043.

    I’m up in Oregon and simply bored and rusting…..yes, it’s raining……

    I sure would like to talk to you Joe, please hit me with an email or give a call..hell, maybe I’ll give the Motel 6 a call on the chance you are still there! I think I will. Today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present…….

    Got 999,999 of em’,,,,and looking for one more……

    Your blog should continue Joe, please don’t give up the dream Joe….let’s talk about it. It will work, I’m convinced!


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